I have recently received the following email. I believe it may be of interest to a number of you.

Dear Sylvie,

Your company manufactures the Beljanski products such as Pao V, Pao V FM, Rovol V, RealBuild, Ginkgo V and many others in the Targetage line. I’m writing to you today because I would like to learn more about them and to ask whether it is possible to use them preventively against cancer in short, yearly cycles, while reinforcing the immune system with the Targetage supplements. As you probably imagine, my main question is what to take and how to take it.

I know it is possible to do this as a annual cancer prevention treatment  with methods of other physicians, including Dr. Andre Gernez. I would like to however try this with the products of your father, since I have full confidence in his products and their natural composition. I hope you can shed some light on this matter.

Yours truly.

This is my answer:

“Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email. The question of cancer prevention is indeed critical because it affects us all. This question was addressed by Dr. Marcowith, a French doctor familiar with Beljanski’s research. Although Dr. Marcowith passed away in 1996, his notes were incorporated into Morton Walker’s later book “Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure”. I very strongly urge you to read this fascinating work and especially look at Chapter 8 that contains Dr. Marcowith’s clear and concise suggestions.

Since Dr. Marcowith’s work, many publications have touched on the role of heavy metals that literally release “poison” into our bodies. I have personally experienced this issue few years ago when for some time I was suffering from extreme fatigue, which the doctors could not diagnose or find a cause for. Finally it turned out that my body contained a very high level of arsenic (arsenic can actually be found in a number common articles like drinking water).

This extreme fatigue, if left untreated may have affected my immune system and promoted the development of cancer. I underwent several sessions of intravenous chelation therapy under medical supervision. This experience inspired me to develop a product to allow gentle oral chelation, “Signature Chelate”.

This product is an original formula combining four ingredients with strong detoxifying properties:
* L-glutathione, is a naturally occurring peptide produced by the body with powerful antioxidant properties that can stimulate the liver and help it to expel toxins.
* The Humifulvate®, is a complex of fulvic, humic and phenolic acids derived from peat of Lake Balaton, which promotes a balance of minerals in the body and chelates heavy metals.
* Chlorella, is a green algae rich in trace elements, which acts as a filter and natural blood purifier which helps to absorb heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutants, that can later be expelled by the liver.
* Chitosan, extracted from the shrimp shells, is known for its ability to bind to fats and aid in their removal. (Toxins tend to accumulate in fat). Stage disposal is indeed essential as we do not want to see toxins being absorbed and “recycled” by the body.

In addition, many studies have linked vitamin deficiencies to cancer. Some vitamin supplementation during seasonal change can also be very useful.  However be aware that there is a huge difference between natural and synthetic vitamins.

Natural vitamins are always accompanied by various bioflavonoids, the cofactors essential for proper absorption which act as catalysts optimizing the effectiveness of vitamins. Bioflavonoids are proven to increase the bioavailability of vitamins by 30%.

Synthetic vitamins, however contain no cofactors and research suggests that synthetic molecules can deplete the existing resources in the body, eventually causing vitamin and cofactor deficiencies. Supplementation with natural vitamin B, C and D may therefore be useful to the extent that our supply of essential vitamins is insufficient due to modern foods being depleted of those nutrients.

Thank you for the trust that you put into us and the Beljanski® products. We are dedicated to the production of products of only highest quality and strongly believe that only the very best ingredients will deliver the best results”