Vitamine-D-elle-protege-notre-coeur_exact441x300Taking steps to recover from depression and boost vitamin D levels may improve heart health, according to new research out Saturday.

The study focused on two measures of vitamin D, which when too low can predict the likelihood of heart attack, stroke, heart failure or death. Some 4,200 people aged 52 to 76 were studied. Most already had coronary artery disease (70 percent) and one quarter were diabetic. For doctors who treat these patients, the most important measures of vitamin D are known as total vitamin D and bioavailable vitamin D, since both were “the most accurate in predicting harmful cardiovascular events,” said the findings. The study found that low levels of both total vitamin D and bioavailable vitamin D appear to be associated with poor cardiovascular outcomes.(1)

(1) Source: nib – read the story here: