Could oily fish pills improve your teen’s behavior? 

UnknownA recent study by the University of Oxford showed teenagers given the supplement for three months were better behaved than those given a placebo, according to teachers’ ratings of behavior. The researchers say it is the first study to show clearly that oral supplements can improve behavior in healthy youngsters.(1)

Do antidepressants work better when taken with supplements? 

images-15It’s long been reported what we eat is vital to our body but now it seems the nutrients can also play a vital role when it comes to mental health. The nutrients we consume, as part of our diet, are critical for brain structure and function. Now an international study has found taking nutritional supplements can have a potentially profound impact on our mental health and clinical depression. Omega 3 fish oils, certain amino acids, folate and vitamin D have been found to increase the effectiveness of antidepressants.(2)

When buying a fish oil supplement, make sure that you are buying from a responsible company, and that the oil is clean of heavy metals and other environmental toxins.