I could not agree more with the article that was published on mailonline.com entitled “’Tis the season to be healthy! Make sure you’re on top form for the Christmas party marathon with the ultimate pretox plan”:

“Few will have failed to appreciate the irony: just as the Christmas party season gets into swing, when we want to look and feel our best, cold and flu infections soar and we are laid low.

Little is known as to why, although one recent theory is that the effect of chilly weather on the nasal passages (try wearing a scarf that covers your nose) may increase our susceptibility to viruses.

No doubt this effect is multiplied by back-to-back late nights enjoying ‘one too many’, which can leave the immune system depleted and unable to fight off invading bugs. But there are steps you can take, starting now, to make sure your immunity is at an optimum for the party season.

The immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues and organs that defends the body from antigens – harmful bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites.

Leukocytes (white blood cells), produced mainly in the bone marrow, are the body’s first defense. They patrol the bloodstream and lymphatic system and when an antigen is found they destroy and remove it. If they cannot, they alert more specialized immune cells to destroy the invader. If an immune cell does not recognize an antigen, it is allowed to circulate freely and multiply, which leads to a person becoming ill.

However, the immune system remembers an antigen after it attacks the body, ensuring a person cannot get ill from the same infection twice. This is how vaccinations work.

‘When you’re younger, unless your immune system is compromised through long-term illness, pregnancy or being overweight, it will be pretty strong,’ says Janet Lord, professor of immune cell biology at Birmingham University. However, from about 55, the network becomes less effective.”

Beljanski’s RNA fragments are known to support a healthy production of platelets, according to a study published by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, “Dose escalation study of an anti-thrombocytopenic agent in patients with chemotherapy induced thrombocytopenia” (Levin et al. BMC Cancer 2012, 10:565).  Also, natural vitamin C and D will be most helpful to fend off any starting colds.  Those three products should therefore be considered as the first line of defense to protect you from the first nasty effects of cold weather.

When buying your vitamins, it is important to choose natural vitamins over synthetic vitamins as synthetic vitamins contain chemical compounds that are not identical to those created by nature, and are not meant for human consumption.  These ingredients lack co-factors, which are vital for absorption; they can even make you tired and sluggish.

Of course I recommend Targetage® supplements, but whatever brand you choose, make sure it is from a quality all-natural source.