The Beljanski® ProductsA few weeks ago, I informed you that Natural Source was celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and I encouraged you to send your suggestions on how you would like Natural Source to evolve in the future. I would like to thank you all! Many of you responded and I received a lot of message of encouragement and gratitude. Some of you shared with me their testimonials, while others took the opportunity to ask questions. I responded to each of your questions individually and will continue to do so. Among your questions, two were frequently asked. I chose to share them with you along with my answers:


The Beljanski® products are the exclusive line of cutting-edge natural supplements stemming from molecular scientist Mirko Beljanski’s 50 years of research, and exclusively manufactured for Natural Source International, Ltd. according to Professor Beljanski’s proprietary extraction processes.

The exceptional quality and originality of Natural Source’s products have been recognized worldwide by the scientific community and Natural Source is often call upon to provide products for scientific research at prestigious institutions (CTCA, Columbia University, Kansas University Medical Center, etc.).

Rare Raw materials and drastic selection

Some of our raw materials are extremely rare and grow only in remote parts of the world and are therefore difficult to source. We turn down 90% of the raw material samples we receive because they are not the correct botanical species or its level of active molecules is too low.

In addition, the raw materials are difficult to export, due to the political or social instability in the countries in question, and global warming which impact the quality of the raw materials (therefore a larger amount of raw materials is necessary to obtain the same amount of active molecules).

An expensive quality control process

To ensure the best possible quality, nothing is ever left to chance. We conduct quality control test at each stage of our manufacturing process. We start by with testing the extracts to guarantee a high and standardized level of active ingredients, next we test the purity of the ingredient, (…) then finally we check the number of capsules per bottle.

Long manufacturing process

In order to maintain the quality standards established by Dr. Beljanski, we do not cut corners or rush any step of our manufacturing process. On average, it takes 2 years from the moment we select the raw material batch to the moment you receive your Beljanski® Products.

Small batches for high quality

We only produce small batches to ensure the best quality possible. 98% of our raw materials are rejected during the manufacturing process for the Beljanski® products, because we only keep the active ingredients. Thus several tons of raw materials are necessary to obtain a few hundred kilos of extract.

Selected partners

We do not choose our business partners based on the price of their services but on the quality of their performances. Thus, to manufacture RNA fragments or to extract botanicals, we only team up with companies that we trust and are able to respect our very high standards of production.

Healthcare Professional training

We understood the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, that is why as a leader in the integrative health community, Natural Source International, Ltd. has launched an educational initiative known as the “Integrative Professional International Council” (IPIC)™.

IPIC™ offer among other services, webinars training exclusively address to Healthcare professionals in order for them to assist you during your treatment and answer all of your questions. 

Sustainable business practices

We do our best to make ecologically sustainable choices at every stage of the production process for the Beljanski® Products line, from the choice of raw materials to our product packaging.  We use recyclable bottles, and recycled and/or recyclable shipping materials, all of which are often more expensive than the standard alternatives.


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