Winning the War Against Cancer: The Beljanski Story

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Do you or someone you know have cancer? Are you concerned about the side effects from conventional oncology treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation? Learn about the incredible journey of Dr. Mirko Beljanski, PhD; scientist and pioneer in biology/biochemistry (known as the “Father of Environmental Medicine”) who’s natural, clinically proven therapies have changed how we perceive and treat cancer. Find out how successful treatments were blocked and suppressed by the French government, politicians, the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies despite successful animal and human studies as well as the treatment of the former French President Mitterrand. Join us with Special Guest, Sylvie Beljanski, Founder of the Beljanski Foundation and author of Winning the War on Cancer. Learn about novel, clinically tested natural therapies that help reduce side effects from conventional oncology treatments and can improve your success of becoming cancer free.

 Tune in  Monday April 16 to listen to Sylvie Beljanski speak about Winning the War Against Cancer. Or listen on demand.