My Health, My Choice!

US elections have just opened “Pandora’s box” providing more questions and uncertainties than answers. The upcoming elections in France and in several other European countries represent more openings into the unknown. Everywhere, candidates are rushing to offer us fantastic electoral promises. However the fundamental debate about our health seems to be carefully avoided everywhere.

Here are a few questions for all actors of change who will speak to us, in the coming months about their new programs:


  • Do you plan to recognize therapeutic pluralism and unconventional medicines?
  • Will you establish freedom to practice alternative medicine for physicians and freedom of choice for their patients?
  • Do you plan to promote the free circulation, prescription and marketing of natural solutions and food supplements?
  • Will you stop the censorship of information on alternative solutions to treat diseases when “official” medicine fails to cure properly?
  • Do you intend to transfer to the ordinary justice system the judicial power detained by allopathic physicians, who condemn holistic practitioners for saving lives using unofficially accepted solutions that have proven their effectiveness?
  • Do you intend to limit or suppress ads encouraging the use of more and more inadequate drugs and vaccines?
  • Do you plan on dropping the mandatory immunization programs for admission to daycares and schools?


In fact all these questions lead to one: Are we free to take charge of our own health?

I am afraid that I can predict the answer to be a resonating ‘No’.