Congratulation Penelope Joli coeur!

penelope jolicoeur

I am always surprised and pleased to see that some people take the time to learn about how much pollution and human activities endanger our seas and oceans.

 I want to congratulate Penelope Bagieu author of the blog for her wonderful article and for her commitment against deep trawling, which destroys the underwater ecosystem! I was pleased to see, that in just four days, this blog was shared by more than 260,000 people on different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +).

Could mankind finally become aware of the consequences of its actions?

omega fish oilBeyond the dangers of deep-sea fishing, Penelope also draws our attention to the fish contaminated with heavy metals. Indeed, she tells us that fish from deep-sea are “not sexy enough for the fishmonger to sell, but so full of mercury that France’s Food Safety Agency strongly advises pregnant women and children to stay away from them.

This is even more damaging considering that Omega-3s (fish oil mainly) are essential to a balanced diet. A recent article published in the Daily Mail reports that eating tuna twice a week could cut the risk of death from heart disease by a third, according to a study conducted at Harvard University.  Researchers found that Omega-3 fats, from fish such as fresh tuna and salmon, are linked to lower blood pressure and healthy heart rate. Those results were confirmed with a second study at Washington University among older people reporting similar results.1

On the other hand, chronic heavy metal exposure has been implicated in several degenerative diseases and increased risk of cancer.

The solution?  In my view: A two steps approach. 

First, you want to avoid toxins, as much as possible. Which means that you have to stay away from contaminated fish and choose to get your Omega-3s from quality supplements. Quality fish oil in capsule is one that has been distilled to make sure that all heavy metals have been removed. With Targetage®, we make sure that every batch has been properly tested and does not contain any heavy metals.

Second, it would be foolish to imagine that we can avoid all environmental toxins solely by limiting our fish intake.  The truth is, environmental toxins, heavy metals, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics can be found at every stage of the food chain. Because they are everywhere in our environment, we cannot escape the daily exposure, and daily intake as a result.

That’s why it is crucial to try also eliminating environmental toxins on a daily basis. 

seafood heavy metalsJust this month, I had the privilege and opportunity to write a two page article in Townsend Letter about my own experience with arsenic poisoning.

How I was miserable for months, dragging an exhausted self from doctor to doctor before being properly diagnosed; how I underwent several sessions of IV chelation; how, after completing the IV sessions, I understood that heavy metals would eventually find their way back to my bloodstream, unless I took the proper steps to reduce the toxic load on a daily basis. As I do not like needles, oral chelation seemed a much better answer.  I looked for every oral chelation products available at the time on the market.  Unable to find an existing supplement that would be efficient enough to support my ongoing need for oral chelation, I decided to create one:  Signature Chelate by Sylvie Beljanski. This supplement is my unique and synergistic blend of reduced Glutathione to support the liver; humic and fluvic acid to attract the toxins eliminated by the liver while supporting the mineral balance of the body; chlorella to fix the toxins; and fibers (chitosan) to help eliminate the toxins.

So far, my arsenic and mercury levels are OK.  How are yours?