I hope that all my readers in NYC and the rest of the world are safe and warm. Also I would like to apologize to all that were awaiting my weekly post. It is however not my fault  – blame Sandy!

On October 29, the effects of a full moon, high tide and a cold air mass combined to become what is known today as “Frankenstorm” Sandy (literally a storm worthy of Frankenstein)! New York City and New Jersey were hit especially hard. The death toll in the U.S has recently risen to 88 and 157 victims were reported in the Caribbean and Canada. We would like to thank all those that kindly phoned in to ask how we were doing during the storm.

While everyone at Natural Source and The Beljanski Foundation is now safe, there are still thousands of homes without electricity or heating as winter approaches. The subway tunnels were flooded and the city became paralyzed for several days. Our office now has electricity and phone, but still no Internet access. Fortunately thanks to our IT experts we were able to connect to the Internet through our personal cell phones so your orders would not be excessively delayed.

Superhurricane Sandy is a further proof that both our lives and current circumstances are extremely fragile and temporary. Change occurs everyday. As we reflect on what happened last week, we are reminded of the value and importance of solidarity, friendship and commitment to what we believe in. Finally, the storm also shows us that we are tough and it will take more than a gust of wind to make us give up!