Some of you may have read the article in Wikipedia about my father, Mirko Beljanski, PhD. There is actually much more to him than the very controversial and biased account discrediting him in this article.

In the 1980’s while he was a researcher at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, Mirko Beljanski discovered very potent natural products and wrote 133 scientific papers, which were published in quality peer reviewed scientific magazines.

mitterrand and beljanski

François Mitterrand
Former French President

When former French President François Mitterrand was diagnosed with advanced Prostate Cancer and not expected to complete his second term, he sought Dr. Beljanski’s expertise and used his products, which enabled him to finish his second term. This story is told by one of Mitterrand’s official physicians in the book, written in French, called “Le Grand Secret”. The surgeon who had made the prognosis that Mitterrand would not finish his second term was very angry. Since he was very well politically connected, after Mitterrand’s death, the French Army raided Beljanski’s laboratory.  
The full story is told in Morton Walker’s book,  “Cancer’s cause, cancer’s cure”. The Swat team seized all the Beljanski products available, and then under the pretense they were searching for plutonium, they immersed the laboratory with radioactive contamination and within weeks Dr. Beljanski developed acute myeloid leukemia to add to his misery. The prosecutor charged him with numerous offenses. At this time I started a company in New York, Natural Source. However I was not able to manufacture and ship the products for several months.

During this time the prosecutor was not preparing for trial, as he had no case.  When I was able to send my father some products, his health improved and, against all odds, lived for two more years. The prosecutor had not expected that my father would survive that long and had done nothing to bring the case to trial so after two years there was still no date for a hearing!  My father filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights, and a unanimous decision was granted in his favor in 2002.

Beljanski Foundation New Logo BLUEThe Beljanski Foundation was founded to carry on Dr. Beljanski’s legacy, and promote research about his discoveries. Several recent American publications confirm the value of his natural compounds on ovarian, pancreatic and prostate cancers, and there has also been a clinical trial at CTCA for a product successfully able to maintain the platelets for people undergoing chemotherapy.

I have no idea why Wikipedia would not publish an unbiased, complete and accurate article about my father, except that he was black listed in the 1990’s for political reasons, and his reputation has never been cleared officially despite the ruling of European Court of Human Rights, and the impressive list of publications now confirming that he was scientifically correct.