Two days ago I received an interesting question from a blog reader that I would like to share with you. In reference to The Beljanski® Products, she asked: “How many capsules per day would you recommend and how long should I take them as an annual cancer prevention treatment?”

I can’t give any medical advice and I do not offer any prescriptions. I can only give general scientific-based information that cannot substitute for a professional consultation, but I invite you to read Doctor Marcowith’s notes.

Christian Marcowith

Doctor Christian Marcowith (1940-1996)

Christian Marcowith, M.D. (1940-1996) was a practicing French holistic physician who prescribed The Beljanski® Products to his patients. Dr. Marcowith’s notes embody a variety of healthcare practices involving a number of therapies of Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medecine (CAIM) for different types of cancers. Dr. Marcowith’s widow kindly authorized The Beljanski Foundation to publish them in the French booklet, “Cancer: L’Approche Beljanski” (The Beljanski Approach) and as part of the American book, “Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure” by Morton Walker.

My Mother, Monique Beljanski, was friends with Dr. Christian Marcowith since he became an expert in the Beljanski Approach. She recalls him as a charming, open, attentive, and discreet man who was passionate about helping those who needed it most.

Dr. Marcowith’s alternative therapies are comprehensive and informative, and are commonly referred to by many doctors and physicians practicing alternative and holistic medecine today. To learn more about Dr. Marcowith and his expertise in the Beljanski Approach, please read “Beljanski Remedy Dosages”, Chapter 8 of “Cancer’s Cause, Cancers Cure”.

The booklet, “Cancer: L’Approche Beljanski” and the book, “Cancer’s Cause Cancer’s Cure” are both available on The Beljanski Foundation website.