Picnic 2012 - CIRIS

On September 2, CIRIS held its 21st annual picnic. As always, it was a day filled with kindness, friendship and hope. Pierrette WEIDLICH, the president of CIRIS Association was again the outstanding hostess, and on this occasion I wanted to take the opportunity to salute her courage and dedication to the association, matched only by her sense of organization. I would also like to thank all the active members of the association for their commitment and continued support of the scientific research.

Karger 1983

On the subject of scientific research, I was very proud to present, at the General Assembly of CIRIS, the latest results obtained by the Kansas University Medical Center. The recently published results demonstrated how the two extracts of Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria inhibit the development of both ovarian and pancreatic cancer cells. They also proved that the inhibition was selective, and did not affect the healthy cells. Most of this research was however devoted to the remarkable synergy of action between these extracts and traditional chemotherapy treatments. I also had the pleasure of publicly announcing the upcoming release of Mirko Beljanski’s book as an e-book.   

Edition Trédaniel

These two days were also a great opportunity to announce the French translation of a book by Dr. Stephen Coles about Mirko Beljanski. This unique book written by an American doctor not only pays tribute to Mirko Beljanski’s work, but also explains in simple, understandable terms why Mirko Beljanski has changed the theory of carcinogenesis development and revealed new fascinating therapeutic approaches. A large part of the book is dedicated to the recent research conducted at both Columbia University and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The English version of this bookis already available on the Beljanski Foundation’s website, and the French version will be available by the end of September through Trédaniel Editions as well as the French website of the Foundation.

Edition Freedom Press

Each year, the picnic is a great opportunity to hear new stories and testimonials about the Beljanski products. Some formely ill people shared their experience more 20 years after beginning supplementation,  while others have just begun using them. This year we heard many testimonials and questions about autoimmune diseases including Multiple sclerosis (MS). An excellent doctor from Angoulême addressed a number of questions regarding medical matters, as well as sharing his experiences in preventative therapy and in palliative care.

It was a day not to be missed!