Sylvie Beljanski - Greatest American Healer Award - navel expo 2014

Sylvie Beljanski


I was recently nominated for and received the “Greatest American Healer Award” for my presentation at the 2014 Navel Expo despite my French accent, and occasional stumbling.
I was deeply moved as this award recognizes that my presentation not only contained original scientific research and data but also was delivered with a passion and commitment that resonated throughout the audience.

Parts of my presentation are truly a family story that started with my father’s breakthrough research at the Pasteur Institute in Paris and now continues in the United States in collaboration with renowned universities and medical centers.

I am grateful for this Award, and for the opportunity to carry on my father’s legacy to make a difference in many people’s lives.
A special Thank You to Alex Lubarsky for organizing this award as well as a nice follow-up party at Paolini’s. This place, located at the 317 east 53rd street, is very special to me as my parents used to go the restaurant in the 50’s.

This same week, a detailed and well-documented article about my father’s research and story was published in French by “Alternative Santé”, a prestigious magazine dedicated to health.
It gives me great pleasure that the scientific articles published in the United States continue to fuel both here and in Europe an interest in and continuation of my father’s legacy.