I recently received this e-mail from the

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

“The staff and board of directors of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance were saddened to hear of the passing of Linda Koteen last month. Herself a breast cancer survivor, Linda was a tireless advocate for women with ovarian cancer. She served on the Alliance’s board of directors from 2002 to 2010.

‘This is a big loss of one of our great leaders, she will be missed by so many and long remembered for her tireless work and support of our community,’ said Calaneet Balas, CEO of the Alliance.

As chair of the Alliance’s advocacy committee, Linda was a champion for our annual “Hill Day,” urging women affected by ovarian cancer to visit the offices of their members of Congress. Linda made sure the patient’s voice was heard on Capitol Hill.

Linda became involved with SHARE, a Partner Member and founder of the Alliance, after her own diagnosis with breast cancer. She later became Director of Ovarian Programs at SHARE and served as a voice for women with this disease.

The Alliance will honor Linda during our 16th Annual Conference this July.”

I assume that the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is not using the passing of one of its members for an e-mail campaign, rather has sent this e-mail because of my involvement with the cause of ovarian cancer.

I am therefore reaching out to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance to join forces and ask for their support of The Beljanski Foundation and the promising research program on ovarian cancer. The first publication released by Kansas University Medical Center on ovarian cancer cells was very promising, and The Beljanski Foundation has since been able to secure funding for an in vivo research program. A second article describing the impressive results on mice has now been accepted, and will soon be published. All that without any support so far from the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

I sincerely hope this will change, and that the passing of Linda Koteen will encourage every body to learn about and support the promising research programs that stem from the late Micro Biologist, Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s scientific legacy.

To learn more about the research conducted at The University of Kansas Medical Center, how you can make a difference, and ways to stay up to date on The Beljanski Foundation, please visit us online at www.beljanski.com.