We inherit genes from our parents. Our father’s eye color, our mother’s dimples: these traits are predetermined at conception.

Our parents do however give us much more than genes: by educating us they give us the foundation for our lifestyle choices and eating habits.

We have no control over our genes, but their role has its limits.

Epigenetics defines the study of modifications in gene expression (not the changes in the gene sequence itself) that could result from a variation in lifestyle, diet, infection, or a physical or emotional trauma. These factors induce a methylation in our genes, affecting their operation, without changing their sequence.

Time Magazine Cover - January 2010 Edition

“Epigenetics is really a funnel by which the outside environment interacts with the genome,” explains CFIDS Association grantee Patrick O. McGowan, Ph.D., assistant professor in the department of biological sciences at the University of Toronto in Canada. “This, in turn, influences how cells work (or don’t work). Already, research shows that epigenetic changes are implicated in numerous diseases, including cancer, asthma, and heart disease.”

Epigenetics also has its limits. We cannot change the color of our eyes with a diet, but we can promote the expression of genes related to aging and sickness. Mirko Beljanski is often considered the father of the environmental medicine for demonstrating how environmental toxins can cumulatively and gradually destabilize our DNA.

We are all responsible for our daily choices and their impact on our lives. Someone recently wrote to Natural Source requesting to not be sent any more information on Targetage and French Secret products, on the grounds that as a cancer patient, she did not have time for such “frivolous” things. Lets be clear; there is nothing “frivolous” about taking care of yourself. Most of the commercial beauty products we use contain toxins. Avoiding products saturated with parabens and phthalates is essential to maintaining ones health as they are known to activate the expression of cancer-related genes.

Beljanski Approach to Wellness

Dr. Beljanski published a great deal of research on the effect of environmental toxins in the development of cancers. There is nothing “frivolous” about taking vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and probiotics in capsule, since the earth can no longer provides us enough of what our body needs. Numerous scientific studies have shown these substances to help improve overall health while also displaying an anti-cancer properties.

Mirko Beljanski’s research also showed how certain substances could have a positive impact on the expression of our genes, blocking the replication of destabilized DNA. Indeed he discovered several fundamental substances and therapies in the fight against cancer, but remembering only that part of his works is quite a simplistic approach.

So I say to this person: Take charge of your health on a daily basis. There is nothing “frivolous” about that.