New Year New Resolution

Every year, we make a resolution or two. Sometimes we accomplish them with great success, other times we miss the mark. This year, make your resolution stick by implementing a plan of action!

What's Your Resolution?

5 Tips for maintaining better health:

1 – Assess the situation.
We are what we eat, so…what are you eating? The market is saturated with products that are filled with things we should avoid (sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other byproducts). As a consumer, make sure to read labels, understand their meanings, and choose products that promote healthy choices.

2 – Stop feeding yourself with Toxins.
Avoid products, which contain synthetics and preservatives and avoid products packaged in plastic containers, especially if you heat your lunch in a microwave. Opt instead for products made with all natural ingredients packaged in glass containers.

3 – Remove Toxins from your life.
Sweat the toxins out of your body, consider a gentle detox diet and use oral chelation, in addition to natural supplements that will support your liver, as a means to aid the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms with the removal of heavy metals and other toxins.

4 – Replenish and Restore balance.
Incorporate natural vitamins into your daily routine. Restore your system with Vitamin B to fight the extra stress during the holidays, and Vitamin C & D during the winter to help fight off the common cold, and compensate for reduced sun exposure. Your body will thank you!

5 – Think Mind/Body Connection.
Stress triggers the body to release stress hormones, which can throw off your hormone balance or worsen any pre-existing imbalances, so it’s important to find ways to manage your response to stressors. “We don’t have much control over what stresses us out—a loved one who is sick, the economy—but we can train our minds and hearts to notice and modify our own reactions to the stress,” says Jeff Brantley, MD, Director of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program at Duke Integrative Medicine.
Also, consider your relationships; those which are toxic to your well being and wish to eliminate, those you wish to fix, and those you wish to nurture.

This all leads to an improved YOU!

To Your Health! Happy New year!