mitterandFrance marked the twentieth year anniversary of President Mitterrand’s death with many commemorations including a documentary about his illness. This “official version” of the last years of the President played several times on different French TV channels. What struck me most is the emptiness and the multitude of contradictions and falsehoods in this documentary.

The film portrays that the President was essentially treated for pain. Then, how come did he survive as long as he did? In the movie, the improvement in Mitterrand’s health was not acknowledged, although at the time, it was reported as “spectacular“ by the mainstream press. I still have a copy of a major newspaper at that time, France Dimanche, that attributed the President’s renewed health to Mirko Beljanski. To the media today, this is not politically correct, and the movie rather suggests that morphine allowed a sick man to live many years.

The truth is that when former French President Francois Mitterrand was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, he used the Beljanski® products, which enabled him, against all odds, to complete his second term. This story is told by Dr. Gubler, one of Mitterrand’s personal physicians, in the book “The Great Secret”.

Extraordinary Healing Cover

But it is the book “Extraordinary Healing: How The Discoveries of Mirko Beljanski, The World’s First Green Molecular Biologist, Can Protect And Restore Your Health” by L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D. published by Freedom Press that gives the most information. In May 2010, several excerpts from this book were featured in Healthy Living Magazine in an article entitled “The Secret Health History of François Mitterrand”.(1)

The surgeon who had officially announced that Mitterrand would not finish his second term was full of anger and used his political connections against Dr. Beljanski. After the death of Mitterrand, an operation classified “Secret Defense”, organized by the French SWAT team, raided Beljanski’s laboratory and arrested him. Since there was no serious charge against him the judge sat on the case without instructing it properly and let Dr. Beljanski die without a trial. Subsequently his family won a unanimous decision from the European Court of Human Rights thus vindicating Mirko Beljanski.