SB Best Wishes Blog ENAgain I received Christmas cards from many people that I do not personally know, but who took the opportunity to express their appreciation for their good health in this time of greeting and gratitude. Every year, these messages warm my heart and strengthen my resolve in my mission.

The recent announcement of a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over the link between talc and ovarian cancer (documented since 1971) yet again supports my father’s research, which showed that cancer may result from the cumulative and progressive action that environmental pollutants have on our DNA, and that over time, the daily use of products that are not produced by a responsible company can wreak havoc on our bodies.

baby-powder-lawsuitIn the Johnson & Johnson case, it was reported that when used on the genitals, dangerous talc particles can travel into the ovaries and remain trapped for years. These particles can cause inflammation and lead to the growth of ovarian cancer cells. Women who regularly use talc-based powder for feminine hygiene might increase their risk of ovarian cancer by about 41 percent.(1)

More than ever, I want to create products that not only help us cope when the damage that has already been done, but also products that help meet our daily needs without compromising our health. I developed the French Secret® line of skincare products to meet this need, however this is only the beginning. Thousands of you follow this blog in either French or English and I’d like to hear your ideas. Write to me and tell me which products you would like to see developed.
After all…it’s the best time of the year to make a wish!