I recently had the great pleasure of meeting Momir Dunjic, MD, Vice-President of the European Congress for Integrative Medicine, who stopped by New York to visit Natural Source.  He was telling me about what in his view is one big, albeit rarely discussed, cause of cancer: “Your father, Mirko Beljanski, came up with the outstanding idea that the damage happens at the DNA level, where environmental toxins accumulate within the loops induced by the destabilization of the DNA.  We see that, due to increased environmental pollution, people nowadays have high level of heavy metals. Those heavy metals accumulate in those DNA loops, and, each metallic molecule acts like a mini antenna, messing with our electromagnetic fields, and could induce cancer.”

Limiting our exposure to magnetic fields sounds like a great project but, unless you consider moving to a very remote area of the globe, chances are that some Wi-Fi network will already be there.  And if you live in an urban area, you are definitely immersed in Wi-Fi. There is very little that we can do at that level. It seems more practical to act on the accumulation of heavy metals itself. Detoxification and support of the liver are therefore key.

It is interesting for me to see how this very 21st century electro-physic approach of cancer’s causation comes down, when speaking of solution, to what Max Gerson, M.D. (born in 1881!) was already advocating: cancer in general is a disease of the liver even if occurring elsewhere in the body(1).

How do you know if you need detoxification?

An answer to liver problems: Detoxification and Rejuvenation

An answer to liver problems: Detoxification and Rejuvenation

You know it by listening to your body. Toxin buildup can have significant effects on your physical wellbeing, such as headaches, weakness and fatigue. Depending of the severity of the symptoms, you may need a severe detoxification, involving chelation therapy, a gentle oral chelation using a good mix of cleansing agents, or just support your liver in its natural ability to cleanse your body.  Your liver, located in the upper-right quadrant of your abdominal cavity, is a multifunctional organ. Involved in virtually every metabolic function, it helps synthesize cholesterol, breaks down proteins and produces bile, a yellowish liquid that emulsifies fats and transports them to different parts of your body via the bloodstream.

Which ingredients to choose to aid the liver?

Several ingredients will support liver’s detoxification process, such as: Beljanski’s golden Ginkgo extract, Enzymes, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) to provide with increased glutathione and antioxidant protection, Taurine, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene (Vitamin A), Vitamin E, B Vitamins and Vitamin D.

Moreover, research has linked nutritional deficiencies and liver diseases. According to researchers from the University of Tennessee in Memphis, over 90 percent of individuals with chronic liver disease have some degree of Vitamin D deficiency, and severe Vitamin D deficiency was more common among those with cirrhosis. Also liver disease can cause Vitamin B deficiencies (2). What we call Vitamin B is in fact a B-complex that comprises eight different B vitamins.

Do not minimize the importance of the Vitamin B complex

Severe B-1 deficiency has been linked to mental confusion, poor coordination, memory problems and ocular nerve paralysis, while B-6 and B-12 deficiency can cause numbness and tingling from nerve damage. The liver is an amazing organ, which can regenerate itself, if you give it the proper nutrients and remove whatever is causing the damage. If you drink heavily, simply taking B vitamins without removing the source of damage won’t regenerate your liver cells.

Avoid excessive alcohol intake and exposure to harmful chemicals or drugs and make sure that your diet contains enough Vitamin B. B vitamins work in concert with one another; taking a large amount of one vitamin can cause deficiencies in others, therefore it is best to get a B complex supplement, preferably from a whole food source.



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