When my father died in 1998, many people came to me, moved, one saying that without his products he could not have attended his son’s wedding, the other saying he would not have seen his grandchildren grow up, etc.

Moving spontaneous testimonials, rooted in very real suffering. And then, there were books in French and English explaining the research. There were newspapers and articles, also in French and in English, TV shows, films … and now a novel!

darke missionThe bridge between reality and fiction has now been officially crossed: after helping so many real people, the Beljanski Products have come to help and relieve the main character of a recently published novel.

JJ Darke is head of portfolio management and investment firm in London’s financial district. While battling cancer, and trusting the Beljanski Products to help him win the fight for his life, JJ Darke finds himself being blackmailed and enters into a crazy scheme to steal billions in gold from North Korea.

When American intelligence finds evidence of a Russian nuclear missile submarine in a port on North Korea’s west coast, a risky plan is put into place to steal the submarine.  Of course, in the end, our hero – in true James Bond style – will emerge cancer free, save the UK government from downfall, and skim off some billions to line his own pockets.

Darke Mission” is Scott Caladon’s first novel and also the first in his “JJ Darke” series. A 600-page thriller with 600 pages full of action and suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and look forward reading the next one in the series.