Beljanski research anti cancer

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I am pleased to announce that The Beljanski Legacy, a short film about the life and discoveries of my father, Mirko Beljanski, PhD, was screened for VIPs in the U.S., and will be premiered in Europe at ECIM – the prestigious conference of integrative medicine.
This moving documentary traces his humble beginnings in Serbia through his discoveries on the nature of DNA while at The Pasteur Institute in Paris.

The film includes numerous interviews with MDs and PhDs to offer an understanding of the science he developed before he became known as The Father of Environmental Medicine.
It reveals how his legacy lives on through the research program of The Beljanski Foundation, which focuses on the positive effects of his discoveries of specific plant extracts.
These discoveries have allowed The Beljanski Foundation to pursue breakthrough research regarding pancreatic, advanced prostate and ovarian cancers.

The U.S. film premiere is scheduled for December 4th at The Beljanski Foundation annual fundraising event in New York City.