Infertility has now become a common issue.  Over 70 million couples of reproductive age are affected(1), and the problem has only increased over the years(2). Among other causes, infertility has been mainly attributed to increased exposure to environmental toxins – most specifically heavy metals. (3)(4)

Where do heavy metals hide?

Increased exposure to environmental toxins especially Heavy metals: A possible cause to infertility

Increased exposure to environmental toxins especially heavy metals can lead to infertility

“Heavy metals” may sound like a mysterious phrase, but they are commonly used in products that can be found in everyone’s home: non-stick pans, glazed ceramics, pesticides, soaps, plastic toys, eye shadow (which can often cause allergic reactions, like dermatitis(5)), and lipstick(6). Examples of heavy metals include lead, arsenic, cadmium, or mercury. Although these are “natural” elements, over a long period of time or in high doses, they can affect fertility, and as Mirko Beljanski demonstrated, environmental toxins may, progressively and cumulatively, induce cancer(7).  And because we are constantly assaulted by those substances, it is most important to get rid of them on a regular, daily basis.  I recommend the use of a gentle oral chelation product.

What is chelation?

Chelation therapy is a treatment for heavy metal poisoning of iron, mercury, arsenic, and lead. The word “chelation” comes from the Greek word “claw”, meaning “to grab”, and that’s exactly what chelating agents do. Chelating agents like Fulvic acid travel through the bloodstream “grabbing” on to minerals and metals, such as calcium, lead, mercury, cadmium, copper, aluminum and iron, binding them, removing them from the bloodstream, and delivering them to the kidneys, which excrete them in the urine. Once bound by a chelating agent, the minerals are unable to react in undesirable ways.

I invite you to read some of my previous blogs where I have already written about the chelation topic, my own bout with arsenic poisoning, and how I ended creating a gentle oral chelation product to address my own needs. (8)

 To avoid infertility issues, put the odds in your favor:

If you are trying to conceive, detox your body from heavy metals with a good chelation supplement (9), boost your immune system with specific RNA fragments(10), and try some reserpine-free Rauwolfia vomitoria extract(11) known to have a protective effect on cells and to promote healthy cellular regulation, especially when the hormonal system is challenged.(12)


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