EpochtimeThe Beljanski Foundation is pleased to share an article about its mission and research program that was published this week. In an extensive Q&A in Epoch Times, “How to Prove a Natural Compound Can Treat Cancer” explains the rigorous scientific work of Mirko Beljanski, PhD that showed a causal link between cancer and exposure to carcinogens in the environment. The article also provides an overview of the current research program The Beljanski Foundation supports to validate and extend Dr. Beljanski’s original studies of natural extracts with non-toxic anti-cancer properties.

“The most important issue is to make sure from the start that the natural product to be studied has a significant and reproducible biological activity that has a positive effect on health.”

The Beljanski Foundation hopes the article will provide informative background on the clinical trials of the natural compounds Beljanski discovered, and welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about the research and educational programs the Foundation sponsors.

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