You may have heavy metals intoxication... and don't know about it

You may have heavy metals intoxication… and don’t know about it

Have you noticed that you’re feeling exhausted all the time… for no obvious reason? You may be intoxicated with heavy metals.

Toxic metals also known as “heavy metals” are literally everywhere—you can’t avoid them (but that doesn’t mean your body will accumulate a dangerous level). Arsenic seeps out from pesticides, Lead can be found in old paint and pipes, Mercury (amalgam) fillings may be in your mouth and Cadmium is everywhere: in cigarette smoke, plastic packaging (where some leaches out into your food), cell phone batteries, and so much more. These are only a few of the most common toxic metals. Even low levels of these toxic metals can interfere with optimal health, so cleaning them out gently and safely can only help you.

A complex formula is necessary to insure that the entire process is safe and effective. It should contain Fulvic acid that helps remove toxic heavy metals (like lead, mercury, and cadmium) from your body, thanks to its natural chelating properties. And it does all that without causing negative side effects, and without stripping your body of the essential minerals it desperately needs to survive. Chlorella will add detoxifying powers, helping to fix the heavy metals and trapping them so they cannot be reabsorbed by your body. L-glutathione will support and re-energize your liver—and when you’re detoxifying your body, you absolutely must pay special attention to your liver, your body’s natural toxin filter. Cilantro leaf will help remove heavy metals from the bloodstream. Finally, Chitosan, a high-density fiber, will help your body fully eliminate the poisons, making sure they truly exit the body. Finally, Cilantro leaf will help remove heavy metals from the bloodstream removal

If you think you’re suffering from heavy metal toxicity, have a doctor test you right away. You may need an urgent treatment. But once the acute issue is resolved, Signature Chelate formula can help keep you toxin-free.

Michele Cagan’s article “Stop this toxic world from poisoning you with nature’s ancient cure” published in Health Sciences Institute December 2011