The current U.S. health care system does not place a strong emphasis on preventive medicine.

Pills or fruits - IsolatedApproximately 75 percent of total health care expenses are for preventable diseases, while only 3 percent is invested in disease prevention programs. Although the cost-effectiveness of prevention is still under debate, its role as a component in overall health and wellness is gaining traction.
Preventable diseases are one of the greatest contributors to health care costs and is a growing financial burden” said Frost & Sullivan Global Program Director for the Chemicals, Materials and Food Practice, Christopher Shanahan. “Knowing that certain dietary supplements have demonstrated health benefits, it follows by reason that their use can certainly help reduce this burden.” (

Dietary supplements help reduce the risk of costly diseases

Certain dietary supplements have been scientifically shown to help reduce the risk of costly diseases among high-risk population groups, presenting a smart option for reducing costs in the already struggling U.S. health care system.


One example of a disease for which prevention would be critically important – because of the poor prognosis-  is ovarian cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2013, about 22,240 new cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed and 14,030 women will die of ovarian cancer in the United States.  According to the data, the mortality rates for ovarian cancer have not improved in the forty years since the “War on Cancer” was declared.

Pao Pereira and Ovarian Cancer

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 10.53.17 AMRecent research conducted at the University of Kansas Medical Center shows that an herbal preparation of Pao pereira, long used by oncology patients and integrative medicine practitioners, could be extremely helpful.  It concludes that “ In vivo, Pao alone suppressed tumor growth by 79% and decreased volume of ascites by 55%. When Pao was combined with carboplatin, tumor inhibition reached 97% and ascites was completely eradicated.  Pao possess potent antitumor activity and could enhance carboplatin effect, and therefore holds therapeutic potential in the treatment of ovarian cancer.”

Taking a dietary supplement for prevention is certainly worth considering if ovarian cancer runs in your family, especially considering that the primary alternative that medicine has to offer is removing your ovaries.

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