Following our studies on ovarian and pancreatic cancer, the Beljanski Foundation launches a new research project on glioblastoma in 2014!

As I announced last month, a new publication describing the effects of Pao pereira on ovarian cancer has been published in  “Pharmaceutical Biology”.

ovarian and pancreatic CancerThe language in the abstract of the paper is particularly eloquent: “In vivo, Pao alone suppressed tumor growth by 79% and decreased volume of ascites by 55%. When Pao was combined with carboplatin, tumor inhibition reached 97% and ascites was completely eradicated.  Pao possesses potent anti-tumor activity and could enhance carboplatin effect, and therefore holds therapeutic potential in the treatment of ovarian cancer.”

The study also confirmed that the Pao extract is not toxic to non-cancerous cell in the control group, showing once again the lack of toxicity of the extract against healthy cells.

The full-length article is available on the Beljanski Foundation website.

The Beljanski Foundation is pleased to announce a new research initiative focused on brain cancer (Glioblastoma).

Following this highly successful research program on ovarian and pancreatic cancer at Kansas University, as well as the research conducted at Columbia University that demonstrated the anti-cancer effects of Pao pereira against prostate tumors, the Beljanski Foundation is pleased to announce a new research initiative focused on brain cancer (Glioblastoma).

Glioblastoma is a significant challenge because it is the most common and aggressive brain tumor and it is very difficult to treat.

There are an estimated 141,553 people currently living with brain and other nervous system cancer in the United States (, and in 2013, it is estimated that there will be 23,130 new cases of brain and other nervous system cancer and an estimated 14,080 people will die of this disease (

Despite improved technology for earlier diagnosis, no significant progress has been made with this cancer. This is the reason why the Foundation intends to explore the efficacy of the plant extract, Pao pereira, against glioblastoma in laboratory studies, in animal models and in humans. It is encouraged by Prof M. Beljanski‘s work (Publications 123, 125, 126, 128, 131) showing that extracts of Pao pereira have a broad-spectrum anti-cancer activity, including brain cancer, and that the active agents in these extracts cross the blood brain barrier.

In order to fund this new project starting in 2014, the Beljanski Foundation needs to raise $ 45,000 and therefore calls for your generosity.  Your support is essential to allow the research to move forward. 

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