Arsenic_And_Old_Lace_PosterFive years ago, I was diagnosed with Arsenic poisoning.  I had been suffering from extreme fatigue for some time, which the doctors could not diagnose or find a cause. Finally, a naturopath tested me for heavy metal toxicity. Arsenic sounded like a film noir story, but I learned that many people suffer from heavy metal toxicity and just don’t know it.

“Sometimes this happens” he told me. “Some people have heavy metal sensitivity, and soak it up like a sponge. It can be in the water supply, in poultry… in lots of things”. It usually comes in very small doses that don’t really make an impact. Until, that is, the metals accumulate to a dangerous point, and can affect your health in many negative ways. The resulting extreme fatigue, if left untreated, may have affected my immune system. And my levels of arsenic were so high that the doctor suggested IV chelation therapy, which wiped me out.  I hated the experience. But after 17 sessions, I was feeling better, and the arsenic levels were back down to a normal range.

 My concern was that if my body acted like an arsenic sponge before, it would again ‹and I did not want to endure the exhaustion or the harsh IV treatment ever again. This experience inspired me to develop a product promoting gentle oral chelation in order to avoid heavy metal buildup. “Signature Chelate by Sylvie Beljanski®” is made of several detoxifying ingredients that work synergistically to help capture and eliminate heavy metals.

I am pleased to report that I just did a five years check up, and my heavy metals are still in the normal range.