integrative medicine meeting with peopleAfter Berlin and the 6th European Congress of Integrative Medicine, I had the pleasure of traveling to Belgrade to make a number of contacts for the Serbian translation of Morton Walker’s book “Cancer ‘s Cause, Cancer ‘s Cure.

I saw that Dr. Momir Dunjic’s entire team was actively preparing for the next European Congress for Integrative Medicine to be held in Belgrade in October 2014.

Integrative medicine seems to be making progress everywhere except in France. Indeed, in April 2013 the commission of inquiry of the Senate following the influence of sectarian movements in the healthcare field presented its report, entitled  “Therapeutic and sectarian drifts: a health hazard.” For the commission, the danger is increased by the development of unconventional medical practices, and the support for these alternatives is spreading throughout the educational system for healthcare professionals.  That means the danger comes from novelty, and from professionals training

Knowing that cancer would cost some 126 billion euros every year to the 27 countries of the European Union, it is indeed urgent to change nothing!!!

Benveniste, Leribeau and Beljanski were sacrificed on the altar of obscurantism. But alternative medicine is starting to hit the mainstream and France sees its image of ” Homeland of Human Rights” increasingly tarnished. Websites in different languages denounce the situation in France.

Irony: This year, France has applied to become a member of the board in an international organization monitoring the human rights in the world, and to report violations.