What an extraordinary display of love and respect for the memory of Dr. Mirko Beljanski at the 7th European Congress of Integrative Medicine, which took place last week in Belgrade, Serbia!

Not only was the Congress (ECIM) dedicated to his memory, but a documentary movie on his life and major scientific achievements was presented at the opening session. In addition, copies of Morton Walker’s book “Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure” that had been translated into Serbian arrived just in time for the opening session and were distributed to all Congress participants (the book was also available in English).


Sylvie and Monique Beljanski and others speakers presenting their diplomas

People who contributed to the success of the Congress received beautiful diplomas with gold plated inlays, showcasing the drawing of the likeness of Mirko Beljanski, as it appears on the logo of The Beljanski Foundation.

It was really a great Congress, with enough very interesting conferences covering various approaches to integrative science and therapies to satisfy the most curious minds. And of course, since any gathering in a Slavic country has to be filled with music and dance, this one was no exception. With a wonderful display of friendship, this Congress offered a perfect mind-body connection.

Check all the pictures on the facebook page of The Beljanski Foundation.