EbolaThe world is now experiencing its worst outbreak of the Ebola virus. I say “worst” because it’s not the first time. I distinctly remember that there had been an Ebola epidemic in 1995 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Oddly enough, 20 years later, there is still no treatment to address this scourge.

In 1995, my father, Mirko Beljanski, studied the structure of the Ebola virus, and concluded at that time that it was an RNA virus very close in structure of the AIDS virus. Given the recent confirmation regarding the positive results of the clinical trial conducted with Pao pereira on HIV-positive patients, he wanted to start a new study to test the effect of Pao pereira on the Ebola virus.

For this purpose, he contacted the head of research on Ebola in France, suggesting that the director investigate in vitro the efficacy of Pao Pereira on the Ebola virus. My father had offered to give him some extract of Pao Pereira to study if there would be a positive effect of Pao Pereira on the cells. At best, a solution would be found to cure this scourge. At worst, the study would prove inconclusive.

What do you think happened? The director did not even respond to Mirko Beljanski. Today, 20 years later, there have been more than 1,000 deaths and no effective treatment has yet been proven. Perhaps my father’s study would not have been successful, but for all those in distress today, it was a lost opportunity.