The incidence of cancer has risen by more than a third over the past 20 years.

vegfruAccording to projections drawn up by Macmillan Cancer Support, by 2020, 47% of the population, before they die, will be diagnosed with cancer at some point.(1) “The most shocking thing about this report’s prediction that 14 million cancer cases a year will rise to 22 million globally in the next 20 years is that up to half of all cases could be prevented,” according to a BBC news report. “Lifestyle factors such as poor diet, alcohol consumption and physical inactivity are to blame for the rise diagnosis.”(2)

As researchers continue to wage war against cancer, many have begun to focus on what could be the most promising ammunition to date i.e. diet. “The easiest, least-expensive way to reduce your risk for cancer is to eat a healthy diet,” says Rachael Stolzenberg-Solomon, PhD, MPH and RD, a Researcher at the National Cancer Institute. When it comes to a diet rich in cancer-fighting substances, most experts agree that it should consist of a predominantly plant-based food. “If you have two-thirds of plant food on your plate, that seems to be enough to avoid excessive amounts of food high in saturated fat,” says Karen Collins, RD, Nutritional Advisor for the American Institute for Cancer Research.(3)

Not always that easy to have to have two-thirds of organic, freshly cut, plant food on your plate, especially when traveling around during the summer.

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