Beljanski worldwide in the Media

Beljanski in the Media

I am pleased to announce the next two major events about the Beljanski Approach to Wellness to be held in France in September.

First, the exceptional scientific symposium “Beljanski… 20 years later” (for healthcare professionals only), organized by Natural Source International, in partnership with The Beljanski Foundation, will be held on September 10th. About two hundred attendees have already registered for the event. Then, the 25th annual picnic organized by the CIRIS association for the general public, which brings together hundreds of participants each year, will take place on September 11th. For more information on those 2 events contact Natural Source.

In recent years, healthcare professionals worldwide have shown an increased interest in integrative medicine and therefore in the Beljanski Approach to Wellness, which has been honored by the media. This holistic approach of Health has also been the subject of several books by renowned authors such as Dr. Morton Walker and Dr. Stephen Coles. Inspired by this enthusiasm, The Beljanski Foundation will organize for the first time a scientific symposium for Healthcare Professionals on December 3rd in New York, with Natural Source International as official sponsor. Featuring a roster of experts in a range of fields, the symposium will present both advancements in the field of holistic medicine, and the promising results that have characterized The Beljanski Foundation research programs for the last two decades.

The Beljanski Foundation will also organize on december 3rd its annual fundraising: “Eat, drink and be charitable: Cocktail party!”, which will be held in Manhattan at The Lotos Club, one of the oldest literary clubs in the United States, founded in 1870 by a group of young writers, journalists and critics.

For more information about the scientific symposium and The Beljanski Foundation fundraising, and to register, visit:

This next few months promise to be very exiting and I hope to see you then!


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