cancer ribbonThe current trend is to cut problems into slices and create a “cancer awareness month” for specific organs. So January seems to be Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Who made that decision? Why choose to go cancer-by-cancer from month-to-month? Is it to ensure the promotion of a particular type of treatment protocol? And the more protocols there are, the more patents and money make their way into the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry?

Years of fundamental research in oncology have shown that all cancers have a common denominator: destabilized DNA (Dr. Mirko Beljanski was a forerunner, but this is now widely confirmed). However, natural non-toxic plant-based products exist that can recognize and selectively block the replication of the DNA. Thereby, they prevent the survival of cancer cells wherever they are.
That is why they work on all kinds of cancer. Dr. Beljanski’s last scientific publication confirmed the activity of an extract of Pao on 16 different cancer cells lines and the recent US publications have confirmed its activity in vitro and in vivo on the prostate, pancreas and ovaries. A publication on glioblastoma is expected this year, which will confirm again Mirko Beljanski’s previous results.
So why cut into slices?

Dr. Beljanski’s results and subsequent research validation are discussed and commented on by various experts in the documentary film: “The Beljanski Legacy” that was recently presented by the Beljanski Foundation.

The film will soon be the subject of several public viewings:
February 12th: Ridgewood, NJ
March 29th: Mondo Well, NYC
May 3rd: Navel Expo, NY

If you are interested in organizing a viewing of the documentary with interactive discussions, please contact the Beljanski Foundation at