It was a great pleasure being a guest on the “Conscious Talk” radio show this morning. Dr. John Hall and I were invited on the show to speak about the most recent research done at Kansas University Medical Centre on ovarian cancer cells on behalf of the Beljanski Foundation.

You can listen to me on the show here:

Considering that 22,280 women are expected to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year in the USA alone, and that the mortality rate of ovarian cancer has not improved in 40 years, it is not surprising that the breakthrough research funded by the Beljanski Foundation attracts this type of attention. [1]

This interview was a fantastic opportunity to explain how the Dr. Beljanski’s botanicals are able to specifically target and inhibit the duplication of cancer cells’ DNA (i.e. kill cancer cells), even ones resistant to chemotherapy. This has been recently demonstrated again by the results of the study done at Kansas University, which also confirmed the existence of a powerful synergy of action between the botanicals and traditional treatment.

We also had an opportunity to review the similar results observed by scientists at Columbia University on prostate cancer cells. The prostate research has led to the publication of 3 peer-reviewed articles on the effectiveness of Dr. Beljanski’s plant extracts on prostate cancer cells, and more publications on ovarian and pancreatic cancer cells are forthcoming.

All this critical research is made possible due to the generous donations of people like you that share the commitment of making Mirko Beljanski’s research more widely available. Please visit the Beljanski Foundation’s website and subscribe to the newsletter to receive regular updates about this groundbreaking research.