It is always with much emotion that I address myself to a room full of healthcare professionals desiring to know more about the recent research carried out by Natural Source International in the line of work of Mirko Beljanski.  This pleasure was recently given to me in Switzerland, where I shared a conference with Dr. Eric Kienner.  The audience, who clearly appreciated the quality of the recently developed research and the publications that have just confirmed them, were extremely receptive and asked many good questions.

This enthusiasm was a satisfying contrast to the information recently announced on 60 Minutes uncovering a fraudulent clinical trial conducted at Duke University.  The goal of this clinical trial, funded by U.S. taxpayers over the past four years, was to test the genetic profile of patients affected by cancer, and to adapt the protocols of chemotherapy in function of their profiles.  The idea could have been interesting, but it turned out to be a fraud and now Duke University, and some of its doctors, are being prosecuted.

It is worrying that we haven’t seen any progress so early in the personalization of official cancer treatments.  “Randomized” chemotherapy (that is to say the opposite of personalized), and radiotherapy without protection remain “the gold standard” while, obviously, the public is looking for gentler, more friendly, formulas that offer synergistic action with the classic treatments, which are supported by quality publications.

Sylvie Beljanski