ovarian cancerYesterday, we received a copy of the latest publication from KUMC, which demonstrates the beneficial effect of Rauwolfia vomitoria on ovarian health.

Ovarian cancer is diagnosed every year in nearly a quarter of a million women globally, and is responsible for 140,000 deaths each year.  Among women in the United States, ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer and the fifth leading cause of cancer death, after lung and bronchial, breast, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers. Ovarian cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of all gynecologic cancers, and is characterized around the world by a lack of awareness of symptoms and late stage diagnosis. May 8th, 2013, was the first World Ovarian Cancer Day. On this day, ovarian cancer organizations from around the world united to educate their communities about ovarian cancer and its symptoms.

I hope that the various organizations that support women’s health will pick up on the beautiful scientific work from KUMC and will give it the buzz it deserves.