Jacques BarrotLast week, the French press reported the passing of Jacques Barrot, former French Minister of Health. At the time when my late father, Mirko Beljanski and Mr. Debat, CEO of the pharmaceutical company “Laboratoires Debat” were discussing the marketing of his RNA fragments, Jacques Barrot, then French Minister of Health told Mr. Debat that none of Debat’s products would ever receive any approval if he continued to collaborate with Dr Beljanski. To his regret, Mr. Debat ended his collaboration with Dr. Beljanski and my father’s patent for the RNA fragments  was put aside. This story is very well recounted by my mother in her book in French “Mirko Beljanski ou la Chronique d’une Fatwa Scientifique“.

In 2004, as a token of appreciation by the French governement, Jacques Barrot was appointed Vice-President of the European Commission, and was responsible for Justice. This is how not only France lost the opportunity to develop a product created in France, but since then, the Debat Pharmaceutical Company has been bought by a Belgian company and Beljanski’s RNA-fragments are distributed in the USA under the name of ReaLBuild® by Natural Source International, Ltd.

What is new is that the company Natural Source International has continued to thoroughly research Beljanski’s RNA fragments, and based on these new results, a new European patent was recently granted to protect this discovery. Will the story repeat itself? Or will a French company be finally interested in this patent?