Asociacion de Medecinas ComplemetariasFor several years now The Beljanski Foundation has regularly received inquiries from Spanish-speaking people.

Although we don’t have any Spanish-speaking volunteers, we are currently doing our best to handle the questions coming to us in Spanish.

Fortunately we just received serious help from the Spanish Association, Asociacion de Medecinas Complemetarias, and its president Alfredo Embid. This association has over the years, translated into Spanish and published several articles about Dr. Mirko Beljanski.

Last month, Mr. Embid and his association translated and published, a large part of The Beljanski Foundation/CIRIS website, thereby making ​​available to the Spanish-speaking population the discoveries of Professor Beljanski.

This website translation is available at:

The aim of the Asociacion de Medecinas Complemetarias, which was founded in 1992, is to increase the awareness of health professionals and the general public about the latest advances in holistic medicine.

Revista de Medicina HolisticaTo achieve this, the Asociacion de Medecinas Complementarias has published 84 scientific papers (Revista de Medicina Holistica) and over 850 newsletters (including 250 dedicated to health).

These works are available on the website of the Asociacion de Medicinas Complementarias:, like newsletters: PagAMC / ind_bol.htm

This blog is an opportunity for me to thank Alfredo and all his staff for the help they have given us to get the word out in Spanish about my father, his discoveries and the benefits of his natural extracts.

For more information about the work of Dr. Mirko Beljanski or if you would like to assist in the translation of his work in various languages, please contact the Beljanski Foundation by email at We look forward hearing from you.