The Beljanski Foundation fundraiser held on December 4th was a tribute to the legacy of Dr.Mirko Beljanski.

It was an evening filled with camaraderie as many of the donors assembled to attend the preview screening of the “The Beljanski Legacy“, a short film about the life and the major scientific achievements of Mirko Beljanski. This documentary film was enthusiastically received.

Dr Michael Schachter and Sylvie Beljanski

Dr Michael Schachter and Sylvie Beljanski

The Foundation’s Scientific Advisor, John Hall, Ph.D., reported the recent promising results achieved on the research of glioblastoma with Pao pereira, that is being funded by the generous donations of Foundation supporters. The event was also an opportunity to pay tribute to Dr. Michael Schachter for his long time unwavering support of the work of Dr. Beljanski.

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