Deepak Chopra says that luck is opportunity meeting readiness. What is true for humans can also be said of companies.

Last week I was invited to a conference”Inspiring Innovation: Translating Disruptive Innovation into Growth” organized by Bloomberg and  the Switzerland Global Enterprise. The meeting was essentially to celebrate the ability of some companies to innovate, accepting the risks, looking at failures as an opportunity to learn and do better, and constantly seeking to improve processes. For my part, I have a real satisfaction with all the research that now confirms the interest in the Targetage® brand — an innovation for Natural Source, which for years had only offered the Beljanski® Products.

The initial idea for Targetge® was “When we know how environmental toxins destabilize our DNA, why wait? We should immediately start to eliminate them and strengthen our immune system.” But now it seems that every week new publications emerge, justifying the multiple benefits of many of these products.

Here are some recents examples:

Why Should You Take an Omega-3 Supplement?

OmegaResearch shows that omega-3, a fatty acid found in fish, plays a vital role in maintaining and improving mental health and stability. A study found people who followed the diet rich in fish oil were happier, less stressed and reported an improved quality of life compared to those who ate fewer Mediterranean foods. (1)

It also helped with memory boosting in a case study from a woman who used fish oils to aid with memory retention

Finally, dry eye can be eased with fish oil supplements: In a three-month study, 478 people with dry eye as a result of excessive computer use were given either two omega-3 pills a day, or placebo pills that contained olive oil. The results, published in the Contact Lens & Anterior Eye Journal , showed that those taking fish oil experienced a greater reduction in symptoms than the olive oil placebo.

Make sure that you are using clean fish oil, where all trace of heavy metals has been removed.

Why Should You Take Probiotics?

As per friendly bacteria, they are linked not only to better digestion, but they are reported to benefit the immune system and to help fight inflammation, which can cascade into many other benefits.

Mix them with enzymes for a turbo effect, as in Digestive Harmony.

Why Should you Take Vitamin D Supplement beyond bone health?

vitamine DAn article published online on March 6, 2015 in Psychiatry Research reports an association between depression in young women and reduced vitamin D levels. Clinically significant depressive symptoms were reported by 34%-42% of the participants over the course of the study. Having a low initial level of vitamin D3 was a predictor of depression across all weeks of the investigation. According to authors David Kerr of Oregon State University and his associates, there was evidence that the observed reduction in depressive symptoms that occurred in the fall could be explained by increased levels of vitamin D during summer.

Make sure that you get natural Vitamin D. There is a huge difference in assimilation between natural and synthetic vitamins.

Aren’t we lucky to have all these available to us, to stay strong and healthy?