This year July 4th fell on Thursday, which gave most of us an opportunity to take a 4 day weekend and celebrate Independence Day the traditional way: barbecue and fireworks. My agenda however dictated otherwise, as I had a quite busy weekend scheduled in Paris, but nevertheless still was able to enjoy a festive atmosphere. Just before leaving New York, I learned that Dr. Michael Schachter (a long-time supporter of the Beljanski® products in the US) published a two page article in the “summer 2013” edition of the “Cancer Strategies Journal”.

Upon my arrival, I was even more pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by a publication of an excellent article by Brice Perrier that had just been published in a popular French magazine “Grazia”. This very resourceful and well written two page piece explains the importance of the recent in vivo study (on the activity of Pao Pereira by itself and when combined with the chemotherapy drug gemcitabine) performed at the Kansas University Medical Center. It also described exactly how and why this research confirms and expands on the work of my father, Dr. Mirko Beljanski, and nicely summarized the human and scientific story behind it.

My trip to Paris was made in connection to the first International Congress of Naturopathy (ICNM). At this event, I had the pleasure of welcoming and speaking to many French and foreign naturopaths at my booth where I was joined by my mother Monique Beljanski and Gilda Tchélébian from the association CIRIS. All of them have expressed deep appreciation for the quality of the Beljanski® products and the scientific research confirming their effectiveness and safety. I have heard many positive words and touching testimonials.

Monday evening I led a conference for healthcare professionals. The topic of my lecture was: “Beljanski (1923 – 1998), 15 years later…”.  Due to the difficult state of the economy and the need to make savings in healthcare, integrative medicine aims to become the medicine of tomorrow and the biggest U.S. institutions are now interested and eagerly investing in natural products capable of acting synergistically with chemotherapy, even in chemo-resistant cases, and to reduce the toxicity associated with traditional oncological treatment. Dr. Mirko Beljanski was already interested in this synergistic action, and has proven its existence and effectiveness, with his products that he has advocated in his own lectures and publications.

In the words of the author of the article in “Grazia” magazine, Brice Perrier, Beljanski was thirty years ahead! The conference had full attendance, and was very well received! This is what I call a good weekend.