What a week!

Just as the lights of the television studio turned off, I set out for Florence, Italy to attend the “5 th European Congress for Integrative Medicine “( 2012 MACE ).

I had the distinct pleasure and honor of being invited to speak twice at this event. The first time, when I spoke about the small RNA fragments, was a great opportunity to present the results of the clinical trial at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. (CTCA)

On the other hand, the second lecture gave me more than an hour to present a comprehensive overview of the Beljanski approach to health.

I took this opportunity to discuss multiple studies carried out by Professor Beljanski himself on lymphoma cells at the Pasteur Institute, as well as the most recent studies carried by  scientists working on prostate cancer at Columbia University and on ovarian and pancreatic cancers at Kansas University Medical Centre. What is remarkable is that each team was able to observe the same outstanding synergy of action between chemotherapy and the extracts of Pao Pereira and Rauwolfia Vomitoria, despite using completely different chemotherapy drugs each one having its own mode of action for different cancers.

These results can be explained by the fact that all the chemical molecules are involved in the destabilization of the DNA, while the Beljanski products block duplication of destabilized cell DNA.

This meta-analysis showing the efficiency of the who botanicals on even drug-resistant cells was very well received by the many doctors who attended the conferences.