Mirko Beljanski  ©The Beljanski Foundation, Inc.

Mirko Beljanski ©The Beljanski Foundation, Inc.

At dawn on October 9, 1996, a massive French SWAT Team ran an assault on the former CIRIS laboratory, handcuffed and arrested my father, destroying an innovative research program, and prevented the distribution of products that were acclaimed by thousands of people. At that time the operation was classified “secret defence”. Many authors wrote about this incident and if you want to learn more about it, I recommend reading Pierre Lance’s interview (1).

On that day, my life changed forever. I was a lawyer, living in New York, and from there I had the ability (hence the moral duty) to organize the legal defence (which ultimately led to a unanimous decision by the European Court of Human Rights in favour of Dr. Mirko Beljanski against France (2)); to secure the production of the products through Natural Source (which fulfilled this mission in the last 20 years of distributing quality extracts); and to secure the recognition of his scientific legacy.

But how to measure scientific recognition? The fact that French President François Mitterrand chose to use the products despite the advice of his “official doctors” (as related in the book “The Great Secret” by Dr. Gubler) and achieved superb results was not enough.

I finally decided to humbly begin from scratch all over again and organized through The Beljanski Foundation a collaborative effort with the most recognized academic institutions here in the United States (3). This program was remarkably successful as is evident from recent publications.

NSI_Logo-Two LinesBut something was missing : public recognition. These people, who had made these products famous since the 1980’s in France mostly through word-of-mouth, took to the streets to protest when they learned the products were no longer available. Once Natural Source was ready to supply them again, many remained loyal despite the circumstances. To me, this recognition was achieved through the success of the “online operation”, but also with the expectation of a future opening of a storefront boutique, which would offer a greater visibility of these fantastic products.

After years of efforts to reach this objective, it is my great pleasure to announce that Natural Source’s headquarters will relocate in 2016 and its 20th anniversary will be celebrated with the opening of a retail store in New York City.

(1) Interview by Pierre Lance in French
(2) CEDH: Beljanski vs. France
(3) List of The Beljanski Foundation Partners