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Mirko Beljanski, PhD
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18 years ago, my father, Mirko Beljanski, passed away after years of persecution in France for his innovative ideas and discoveries of natural anticancer substances.

Still a sad memory for my family and myself, but sorrow has finally given way to hope, because 18 years later, Mirko Beljanski, PhD continues to be the center of conversations. With its dedication to finding natural ways to fight cancer, and his tenacity, against all odds, to make them available to those who suffer from this terrible disease, he has touched many of us.

Today, thanks to The Beljanski Foundation’s hard work and the tireless involvement of volunteers at CIRIS, a French association, its scientific work persists. In recent years, his scientific breakthrough discoveries have sparked the interest of major research institutions in the US and China, where their scientists studied Beljanski’s extracts and published their excellent results.

Inspired by this enthusiasm, The Beljanski Foundation will organize a scientific symposium for Healthcare Professionals on December 3rd in New York(1), featuring a roster of experts in a range of fields, the symposium will present both advancements in the field of holistic medicine, and the promising results that have characterized The Beljanski Foundation research programs for the last two decades.

To commemorate my father’s life of research, I encourage you to watch or watch again, but also to share the 23 minutes documentary “The Beljanski Legacy” available on The Beljanski Foundation Youtube channel:


(1) To register to the Scientific Symposium: