There is no doubt that our society is taking into account the many harmful toxins and chemicals that exist in the world, but unbeknownst to the majority, several products that one would least expect contain harmful toxins.

Go BPA Free!

With what appears to be a new article out every month, it presents a challenge in remembering every product that is deemed dangerous. I recently wrote a blog on the astounding presence of Bisphenol A (BPA), a known hormone disruptor, in various household products. BPA, one of the highest-volume chemicals produced worldwide, is detected in body fluids of more than 90% of the human population and has been linked to plastic bottles, children’s toys, canned foods, and several other frequently used products. Nonylphenols, proven endocrine disruptors, can be found in laundry detergents and other household cleaners, as well as PFC’s (Perfluorinated Chemicals), in the coatings of nonstick cookware such as Teflon. In a recent article on Yahoo! News, it exposes other hidden household toxins, which can be found in your lights, shower curtain, wallpaper, and your couch of all places!

Go Paraben Free!

The Environmental Working Group has found that the majority of cosmetic products sold in the United States fail to meet one or more industry or government cosmetic safety standards. A New York Times article focused on several cosmetic products, citing the existence of lead in hair dyes and lipsticks, and formaldehyde in nail polish, shampoo, and soap. Many cosmetic products, which contain hazardous ingredients, are often concealed by the words “natural” and “hypoallergenic”. Lets be clear, these words do not necessarily mean the products are safe. Be sure to avoid products with harmful ingredients such as parabens, benzyl alcohol, and azelaic acid to name a few, and opt instead for a line like French Secret®; a sophisticated line of cosmetic products which are non-toxic and paraben-free.

With the overwhelming amount of information on chemicals and environmental pollutants in our everyday products, it begs the question: What can we do to safeguard ourselves from ingesting and exposing ourselves to these harmful toxins?

Avoiding environmental toxins and “heavy metals” is imperative to our body’s health. When not metabolized properly, these toxins become toxic and end up accumulating in our soft tissues. Removal of these toxins is essential, as we do not want them to be absorbed and “recycled” by the body. To help with their removal, consider a line like Targetage®; a dietary supplement line made with the highest quality natural ingredients and whole food formulas, promoting detoxification, and providing the body a superior source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant protection.

The Beljanski Approach to Wellness

The mission of Natural Source International, Ltd., a company that has received the “Green Patriot Seal” from Healthy Living Magazine, is to expose these toxins, pollutants, and chemicals that are present in our environment and every day lives, as well as expand and broaden natural, alternative health products to the public. Our antidote to these harmful toxins is in The Beljanski® Approach to Wellness, inspired by the research of my late father, molecular biologist, Mirko Beljanski PhD. The Beljanski® Approach to Wellness was developed as a holistic health philosophy based on the idea that health starts at the cellular level and that it is most important to AVOID environmental toxins, RESTORE the body’s balance, and REPAIR homeostasis by reviving healthy cell population.

I encourage all to visit the company website, for more information on every day environmental pollutants and toxins that may cause damage to DNA and promote disease. Knowledge is power so be sure to take proper preventative measures to ensure a long, happy, and healthy life! Your body will thank you!