By Sylvie Beljanski

The Beljanski Approach to Wellness

Discover the Beljanski® Approach to Wellness, founded on the scientific discoveries of a pioneer in environmental medicine.

Mirko Beljanski ©The Beljanski Foundation, Inc

Over the course of his career at the Pasteur Institute during the 70s, my father Mirko Beljanski discovered that the normal structure of the DNA becomes progressively and cumulatively destabilized when exposed to environmental toxins. This destabilization in turn causes an abnormally accelerated replication of the DNA, gradually leading to numerous illnesses.

At the same time, Mirko Beljanski believed that there are also natural substances in the plant world, which would have the capacity to counteract the replication of the destabilized DNA and consequently inhibit the growth of compromised cells.

His research led him to identify some unique plant extracts with this property, which are known today as the Beljanski® Products. (Beware of the numerous imitations and look for the Beljanski® logo on the bottle).

Mirko Beljanski’s research laid the foundation for a new approach to health by identifying new ways to protect the body from the onslaught of toxic substances and repairing their harmful effects.

Results of the highly successful research of Beljanski’s plant extracts on ovarian and pancreatic cancer at Kansas University and on prostate cancer at Columbia University have been published in scientific journals. (learn more)

Following these highly successful research programs, The Beljanski Foundation announced a new research initiative focused on testing the Pao pereira extract against brain cancer (Glioblastoma).

For more information about the Beljanski® Approach to Wellness, please visit The Beljanski Foundation website.

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