By Sylvie Beljanski

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

And here comes again the time of the year for taking up new resolutions. Your to do list resembles to last year’s? And the year before that? Deep down you already know that you won’t do it all, at least for long. I love the idea of giving up things, rather that piling up. Here […]

Dr. John Hall Lecture at A4M World Co...

Dr. John Hall Lecture at A4M World Congress

Dr. John Hall was at A4M World Congress on Dec 14 lecturing about Dr. Beljanski ‘s specific RNA fragments and presenting data from clinical studies showing how they are able to maintain a healthy level of white blood cells and platelets even on patients undergoing chemotherapy. The population studied where patients suffering from all kinds […]

New Article: The American Chiropracto...

New Article: The American Chiropractor Magazine

I am happy to share with you my latest article that is featured in this month’s issue of The American Chiropractor Magazine. Entitled “A Natural Approach to Cancer”, the article describes how “Cancer prevention and treatment have become political because there is so much money at stake when it comes to protecting the profitable treatments […]

Natural Source and The Luxury Marketi...

Natural Source and The Luxury Marketing Council

The 2017 Holiday Cruise This year again, Natural Source was one of the proud sponsors of the Luxury Marketing Council‘s Holiday Party, that took place aboard the “Hornblower “ a cruise liner which treated us with a tour of New York’s harbor. The Luxury Marketing Council offers a friendly environment for the intelligent exploration of […]

Healthline Cancer Event

Healthline Cancer Event

Yesterday I was invited to attend a meeting organized by Healthline, one of the fastest growing health information brands online.  The event featured a 2017 State of Cancer report that was compiled by Healthline, which provided some very interesting figures: Almost everyone is going online for more information after their diagnosis: 89% of people go […]