By Sylvie Beljanski

Natural Source and The Luxury Marketing Council

The 2017 Holiday Cruise

This year again, Natural Source was one of the proud sponsors of the Luxury Marketing Council‘s Holiday Party, that took place aboard the “Hornblower “ a cruise liner which treated us with a tour of New York’s harbor. The Luxury Marketing Council offers a friendly environment for the intelligent exploration of best marketing practices and the latest retail trends. For the event, Natural Source had provided a number of “goodies” for the gift bags and a raffle.   On several TV screens displayed around the room, the name of the various sponsors appeared regularly, along with wonderful pictures taken from Greg Furman’s art books.

I have been working really hard, for over twenty years now, to promote my little company without ever compromising on my core values:  “At the end of the day it’s all about quality; the product has to speak for itself and make a difference for people who are talking it.”  It has been a long, arduous, often very lonely road, and still I have to pinch myself to believe it when I see Natural Source’s name next to Sub Zero, Wolford or Bally, all companies so much bigger than us!

Thank you to Greg Furman, and to Chris Olshan (Surly Penguin).


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