By Sylvie Beljanski

Healthline Cancer Event

Fran Drescher

Yesterday I was invited to attend a meeting organized by Healthline, one of the fastest growing health information brands online.  The event featured a 2017 State of Cancer report that was compiled by Healthline, which provided some very interesting figures:

Almost everyone is going online for more information after their diagnosis:

  • 89% of people go online after being diagnosed with cancer
  • 40% within the same day
  • 34% within the first week
  • 16% after a week

The most valued tools to navigate health decisions include:

  • 83% patient’s clinical care team
  • 50% online health information websites
  • 49% online cancer medical associations and orgs
  • 40% cancer communities (online or offline)

The highlight of the event however was a presentation by Fran Drescher, who is herself a uterus cancer survivor.  She spoke very eloquently about the importance of detoxification and the fact that the rising number of cancers is closely linked to the amount of toxins that we are surrounded with on a daily basis as well as the amount of stress that we have in our lives.

Fran invited the audience to boycott companies who keep selling us their dangerous, toxin-filled products, and to actively support companies who are doing the right thing by buying their products.

Much of what Fran said is in line with my own thinking that has been the basis of my company Natural Source International, Ltd.  I wonder if she has heard of it or the research done by my father on the effects of environmental toxins on health…

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