By Sylvie Beljanski

Heavy metals in bloodstream? Natural ...

Heavy metals in bloodstream? Natural compounds can help

Have you noticed that you’re feeling exhausted all the time… for no obvious reason? You may be intoxicated with heavy metals. Toxic metals also known as “heavy metals” are literally everywhere—you can’t avoid them (but that doesn’t mean your body will accumulate a dangerous level). Arsenic seeps out from pesticides, Lead can be found in […]

Mirko Beljanski: A new article in the...

Mirko Beljanski: A new article in the Dutch magazine The Optimist !

With the exception of a special issue in the Spanish magazine La Revista de Medicinas Complementarias – Medicina Holística(1), most of the articles published about Mirko Beljanski or Natural Source have so far been usually written in either French or English. This month, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a long article in Dutch, entitled “Kan […]

Amazon Smile and The Beljanski Founda...

Amazon Smile and The Beljanski Foundation

Are you an Amazon customer? If so, I am pleased to announce that The Beljanski Foundation can now receive donations on your behalf from one of the most widely used shopping websites in the world: Indeed, you can now elect to donate 0.5% of your purchase on amazon to your favorite charitable organization, at […]

Mineral Sunscreen: How to apply it?

Mineral Sunscreen: How to apply it?

Today I am going to talk about sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important because it helps protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays on a daily basis, which is the key to aging gracefully. But not all sunscreens are equal: There are chemical sunscreens and natural sunscreens. “Natural” stands for “mineral” and that’s what you are […]

Thank you!

Thank you!

This year is Natural Source International, Ltd.’s 20th anniversary! For twenty years now, our small company has defied all the market rules and avoided conventional business practices: no marketing campaigns, no sales representatives, no store… Thanks to you, and against all odds, we are still here! How come? What do you think our strengths and […]