By Sylvie Beljanski

Dr. Ménat: Review your facts on Mirko...

Dr. Ménat: Review your facts on Mirko Beljanski’s RNA fragments!

Dear Dr. Eric Ménat, you should have checked the scientific facts before publishing your article in the last issue of the French magazine Santé, Corps et Esprit.1 While raising the importance of supporting patients’ immunity during chemotherapy, you quoted the research of my father, Mirko Beljanski, to promote RNA fragment products made of yeast, whose […]

Don’t miss the 15th Internation...

Don’t miss the 15th International Integrative Oncology Conference!

The last weekend of April, Best Answer for Cancer Foundation is organizing its 15th International Integrative Oncology Conference in SanDiego, CA, around the theme: “New Frontiers of Integrative Medicine: Targeted, Metabolic, Energetic, and Immunological Therapies”, a 3 day, engaging conference focused on providing practical knowledge to integrative physicians, practitioners and their staff.   On Friday, April 28 […]

I will be back at MEDNAT Expo in Swit...

I will be back at MEDNAT Expo in Switzerland

For the first time since 2013, I will be back at MEDNAT expo in Switzerland1 to present a lecture entitled “The posthumous consecration of Professor Beljanski comes from the USA with the confirmation of his natural anti-cancer extracts” on Sunday April 2 at 10 am in the Hahnemann room. this will be the opportunity for me to […]

Gluten could cause cancer

Gluten could cause cancer

Scientists in The Netherlands have revealed how gluten plays a role in the development of a rare form of cancer, for some people with coeliac disease (1). The experts have proved that immune system cells, which react to gluten, produce chemicals called cytokines that can contribute to the development of a rare form of lymphoma – […]

Poisoned with rice!

Poisoned with rice!

Arsenic occurs naturally in the environment, however rice tends to absorb it more than other cereal crops and also takes it up from pesticides in soil and industrial toxins. Arsenic: a health concern Once soil has been contaminated with arsenic, the chemical can remain for decades. Chronic exposure to this toxin has been linked to a […]