By Sylvie Beljanski

Birth control pills may up breast can...

Birth control pills may up breast cancer risk

Women on birth control pills risk becoming vitamin D deficient if they stop taking it, researchers have warned. American scientists have found a link between the hormone estrogen – which is in the pills and some other birth control methods – and raised vitamin D levels. They believe taking the contraceptive could increase levels of […]

Increased exposure to environmental t...

Increased exposure to environmental toxins:  A possible cause to infertility

Infertility has now become a common issue.  Over 70 million couples of reproductive age are affected(1), and the problem has only increased over the years(2). Among other causes, infertility has been mainly attributed to increased exposure to environmental toxins – most specifically heavy metals. (3)(4) Where do heavy metals hide? “Heavy metals” may sound like […]

On vacation! Sorry, no blog this week...

On vacation! Sorry, no blog this week!

Thank you to all of you!

Thank you to all of you!

A few weeks ago, I informed you that Natural Source was celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and I encouraged you to send your suggestions on how you would like Natural Source to evolve in the future. I would like to thank you all! Many of you responded and I received a lot of message […]

Heavy metals in bloodstream? Natural ...

Heavy metals in bloodstream? Natural compounds can help

Have you noticed that you’re feeling exhausted all the time… for no obvious reason? You may be intoxicated with heavy metals. Toxic metals also known as “heavy metals” are literally everywhere—you can’t avoid them (but that doesn’t mean your body will accumulate a dangerous level). Arsenic seeps out from pesticides, Lead can be found in […]